About Us

Est. 2009

Honeyjawn (n): A person, place, or thing that processes qualities of greatness.

Honeyjawn University (n): A network of forward thinking people who are educated through the life experience, strive for greatness, and enjoy life.

Honeyjawn University educates men and women for a lifetime of positive thinking and a strong social presence characterized by continued intellectual exploration, creativity, and imagination. A Honeyjawn University education, represented through premium clothing, entertainment, photography, ideas, and forward thinking individuals promotes a lifestyle of excellence and strives to increase the preparedness and ability of students to dominate life in any situation.  Everyday life tests you with the three most important questions. Did you keep your word? Did you do the right thing the right way? Did you go hard in the paint?  We strongly emphasize fulfillment rather than achievement. Although we believe in the important of effing up commas, we encourage it to be by a means that gives you pride.
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